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322 South St., Plymouth, CT 06782

- Raised Ranch - 8 rooms - 4 beds - 3 full baths - 2,298 sq. ft. - 1.02 acres - propane heat - central air - 5 car garage - in-law apartment - lakeside views - $299,900 purchase -


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RadiantNewHorizonHomes.com is the website of DR Investprop, Inc. (today dba DR Investment Properties), a real estate investment company specializing in the purchasing and sales of investment properties (or contracts for investment properties), marketing, credit restoration programs (and careers) and much more. Our aim is to help you buy, sell, lease and/or option that Ideal Home !

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Need cash fast ? We could purchase your home. Cash sale. Can close within 30 days. Let us bring you a Radiant New Horizon ! Teamed up with Beyond Dreams Realty, we could also list your property for sale and/or for rent. This also includes "exotic" transactions such as owner financing or lease with purchase option ("rent-to-own") as we specialize in those. Our motto is "We get the job done - The End Justifies The Means" and sometimes just offering owner financing or "rent-to-own" options is enough to get a sale through 'conventional' means (and Sellers, we know that's what most of you are looking for - sale now, not in a year or 2 or "becoming the bank"). Its happened before... more than once ! And as for the rest of the sellers, we know you are more than just sellers but also "savvy" investors ! Using "exotic transaction" marketing like we do can make your house a "golden needle in a haystack", in other words, a rare find of great value. And who knows ? Your "needle" may even be "platinum" ! Click on Sellers to learn more.


We offer properties for both personal residences and investors (or possibly both - for example, multi-family houses). For personal residences, we are pleased to offer you the 'My Ideal Home' program. Place an order for your Ideal Home and we do the rest. For investors, our "wholesale" investment properties are great deals at fair market prices for we understand the needs of the investor, whether a rehabber, landlord, seller, landlord-seller or a combination thereof. We also can represent the investor on the "back end" of the deal when ready to sell (either outright or through lease with purchase option) and/or rent for we understand BOTH ends of the deal. So whether you are looking for your Ideal Home or your next investment property, our aim is to provide homes that truly ARE a Radiant New Horizon whether as your Ideal Home or in the form of an excellent ROI (or perhaps even both) !


Credit issues holding you back ? No problem. Don't let credit issues stifle you in finding your Ideal Home or next (or perhaps even first) great investment property ! For we offer programs to give your credit a Radiant New Horizon as well ! Our credit restoration programs can also pay you ! Click here for more info.


No matter what your situation - home buyer and/or investor, "healthy" or "ailing" credit, we have financing options to suit your needs ! This is RadiantNewHorizonHomes.com after all. Click on Buyers or Investors to find the right financing option for you !


Looking to make some extra money working part time and making your own hours ? Well then, we may have a position for you ! Help us bring 'Radiant New Horizon' Homes and credit to others and we'll shine some of that "light" on you ! Click here for more info.