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Buyers - We are here to help you become home owners of your Ideal Home. However, if you are unable or don't want to buy a house at the present time, no problem, as we are here ultimately to meet your needs in finding your Ideal Home, whether it be buying or renting (with or without a purchase option ("rent-to-own")).

So, if you are ready to buy your Ideal Home and would like more information on the home buying process, click on any of the following links...


This discusses topics such as employment, income and credit requirements for getting a mortgage.


This discusses financing options including both Conventional and Private Lenders.


This page is all about inspections and includes info on our recommended inspectors.


This discusses home owner's insurance and info on our recommended insurance companies.


This discusses the closing process and info on our recommended attorneys.



But, what if you don't qualify for a mortgage or for whatever reason, cannot or do not want to buy ?

No problem. We can help...

Credit issues keeping you from getting a mortgage ?

We can help...

Not only can we help you restore your credit but we can also provide you with a very lucrative employment opportunity. Click on any of the following links to learn more...

FES Protection Plan





And that's not all...

If you are not looking to buy a house but instead only rent, we have information about rental qualification. If you are but don't qualify for a mortgage, you may qualify for a "rent-to-own" (lease with purchase option). To learn more about rental and Rent-To-Own qualification, click on the link below...

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For information regarding Fair Market Rents anywhere in the country, we have a comprehensive list covering efficiency and 1-4 bed rental rates (including instructions to determine 5+ bed Fair Market rental rates). These Fair Market Rents are published annually by HUD and are guidelines for Section 8 coverage limits. To learn more about Fair Market Rents and how much Section 8 may cover, click on the link below...



And we're still not done yet.

If you are an investor (as opposed to a personal residence buyer), we also have you covered. Click on the link below...



We're just about done here, for now.

Anyway, if you have any further questions, all you have to do is...