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Private lenders. Most private lenders are there for investors only (see Investors - Financing for more information). As such, private lenders for loans for owner-occupied (personal residence) properties are some of the most sought after and also some of the most difficult to find. 'Platinum' needles, not just gold.

Here at DR Investment Properties (aka "Dr. I"), our mission is to find the best possible solutions to whatever issues are presented and we are always working to locate and pre-qualify new lenders. In other words, finding that "needle in a haystack" and seeing what its made of. Is it made of Silver ? Gold ? Platinum ? or is it rusty ?

As things develop more, the number of 'golden needles' (or better) in our team will increase. So keep an eye out for these future updates. We can also notify you by phone or email with progress on any new developments. If you are an investor and are or wish to become a private lender, please fill out and submit our Lender's List form or CONTACT US.

Below is a list of resources to help educate you, the buyer, on how private lending works (plus some 'haystacks' to search for 'platinum needles' in !


What is the Private Money Goldmine ?

A private lender referral service specializing in finding those "needles in haystacks" all across the country (including CT). Their service is not free ($97 up front + $29/month) but they have a money back guarantee if unable to borrow from any of the lenders that they provide.

For further information on private lenders,