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Often, the "roadblock" to becoming a homeowner, whether you are a first time home buyer or otherwise, is a credit issue. As such, a credit restoration program could be in order.

Here at RadiantNewHorizonHomes.com, we want you to be able to own that 'Ideal Home' that you may dream of. So, we can assist you in every step of the process, from finding the home, to getting the terms right for you and also in obtaining the financing so you CAN own your 'Ideal Home'.

Usually, when buying a home outright, one of the first steps is we refer you to one of "Dr. I's" 'Golden Needle in a haystack' credit issue specialist lenders (see Financing or CONTACT US for more information) so you can pre-approve for the loan so you can buy the home.


Would this mean you'd be stuck in a hopeless situation ?


For RadiantNewHorizonHomes.com is all about being able to get that 'Ideal Home' now ! No more endless waiting. Its about taking action to get you in your Ideal Home ASAP ! So, if you don't pre-approve, all is not lost for we can get you into a credit restoration program that can raise your scores so you can qualify for a mortgage so you CAN own that 'Ideal Home'. And not just raising scores either. You can also get paid !!! (checks issued on Thursdays)


United Credit Education Services(space)Financial Education Services


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We, United Credit Education Services (UCES) and Financial Education Services (FES), are both part of a company striving to provide financial opportunity in its most complete form. Our focus is on consumer education and to provide a unique personalized program to eliminate financial uncertainty and to create a plan of action to bring peace of mind in the future. Our vision is to continuously evolve beyond the financial services currently offered in order to enhance not only the opportunity to feel financial stability but also to help consumers achieve their greatest financial potential with their goals always leading back to what their foundation was built upon - the education and improvement of the financial scenarios of American consumers.

To achieve these ends, over the past 10 years, we have created many financial programs to satisfy the need for financial security. We have covered the entire spectrum to create pieces for each part of the financial puzzle from maximizing credit potential to identity protection to securing assets to prepare for a stable financial future.

UCES and FES are similar to us here at RadiantNewHorizonHomes.com in that we stand behind our services with integrity, always seek to educate our clients/customers and always look for ways to improve.

So, if you are looking for help in order to achieve that goal of owning your 'Ideal Home' or in improving any number of other financial scenarios (including a lucrative career opportunity), then read on and please feel free to click on any of the many links below to explore the world of services and programs that we, through UCES and FES, have to offer ...

United Credit Education Services

UCES PROTECTION PLAN - Protect Your Financial Future

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This is our core 'standard package' program, unlike any other financial service on the market and designed to cover all aspects of your financial portfolio. Raising scores and credit restoration/repair is only the "tip of the iceberg". There is so much more. The UCES Protection Plan includes the following products and services: Budgeting, Credit Restoration, Credit Builder, Credit Attorney, Credit Monitoring, Debt Payoff, Identity Monitoring, Life Insurance, Financial Lockbox, Net Worth, Savings Goals, MyCare Plan (will and trust) and the YFL (Youth Financial Literacy) Family Mint. Highlighted below are links to more information on some of these many features included in the UCES Protection Plan.

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UCES Protection PlanUCES Protection Plan


In addition to the UCES Protection Plan, we have a few more 'standard package' programs:

(space)United Credit Education Services

  • CreditMyRent Rent Reporting - Build your credit with rent. Get credit for your last 2 years rent payments and raise your scores today ! Plus, future rent payments can raise your scores even higher !
  • (space)United Credit Education Services

  • Secured Credit Card - This is a good way to rebuild or establish credit.
  • (space)United Credit Education Services

  • Merchant Services - This is a program that can enable your business to safely and securely accept all major credit cards anytime and anywhere.


What is listed above is just the basics. However, there is more, a lot more ...

United Credit Education Services

Not only can you restore and establish your credit and strengthen your financial future but you can also ...

... get PAID for it !

... This is our 'premium package' program. It includes all of the 'standard package' FES Protection Plan products and services (plus life insurance) plus a very lucrative career opportunity ! To learn more about this opportunity, simply click on the link below and watch the videos ...

FES Protection Plan


... or you can simply click on link below and ...

FES Protection That Pays

Well, that's United Credit Education Services and Financial Education Services. Before moving on, we would like to point out 3 important FACTS about UCES/FES:

(space)United Credit Education Services

(space)1. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)...

(space)2. ... a satisfaction guarantee ...

(space)3. ... And we have 10's of 1,000's of satisfied customers !

Clean Slate Google Facebook comic

Before you leave this page, we would like to remind you that not every thought needs to be shared :-) or as it turns out : Posted or Tweeted.

This is because lenders and other credit analysts are trending towards using your social media as data for determining your credit score and other risk factors for timely repayment.

Example, is there mention of job loss or complaints about work? How about posting about being "wasted"? Party talk? Have your friends defaulted on loans? This will negatively impact you.

"It turns out humans are really good at knowing who is trustworthy and reliable in their community," said Jeff Stewart, a co-founder and CEO of Lenddo. "What's new is that we're now able to measure through massive computing power."

The power, reach and scrutiny of Facebook and other giant data collecting is un-nerving. Our advice? Use discretion when posting. No drunk texting or posting is always good advice. Once it is on the web, it is public data.

So, if you are ready to solidify your credit and fortify your financial future ...