Here at RadiantNewHorizonHomes.com we offer employment opportunities in 2 businesses:

  1. DR Investment Properties - Marketing and lead generation and joint venture partnerships for real estate marketing and investment activities. No real estate license, insurance or memberships required.
  2. Radiant New Horizon Homes LLC/Exit New England Realty Advisors - Real estate brokerage. Rentals and sales of properties representing tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers for commission. Office/Sales Management positions also available. Real estate salesperson or brokers license required. Insurance required. Board of Realtor membership required.

Below is information on the positions in these companies and a link to fill out an employment application.

DR Investment Properties

Marketing and Lead Generation - Here at DR Investment Properties we are always searching for leads. Buyers, tenant-buyers, sellers, landlords and more. Below is a description of the positions available and the work involved. Flexible hours. 'How many and when ?' you may ask. Answer ? As little or as much as you want, whenever you want. Go at your own pace, just as long as you get the job done. You can make money or you can make excuses but you can't make both. No ads posted or ads answered or leads submitted, in other words, no work done, no money. Keep us in the "dark", we can't shine "light" on you. So, let us shine bright together !

  • Virtual Assistant - The Virtual Assistant (VA) does "virtual" marketing. This means posting ads on the internet and answering ads by e-mail as a "ghostwriter". May also involve pre-qualifying ad replies via e-mail. This work acquires "warm" leads for buyers, tenant-buyers and sellers or landlord-sellers. Properties acquired here are for purposes of purchasing, lease purchasing or listing for sale, rent and/or lease purchase. These would be properties currently on market for sale or for rent by owner. Ads posted would be for Company listings (e.g. those listed on our websites) and general ads for buyers or tenant-buyers.
  • Property Scout - This position, also referred to as "bird dog" is a little different. Here, we are looking for leads on investment properties not currently on market. These properties are ones that we purchase for resale to investors. In other words, "wholesale". Alternately, some of these we could lease purchase or list for sale, rent and/or lease purchase instead. This position may also include review of listed rehab investment properties (in other words, ones that need work) to find "good" deals for us to purchase and also to visit such properties to further evaluate for possible purchasing.

Joint Venture Partner - This position may include marketing and lead generation activities (as detailed above) but is much more. As a Joint Venture Partner, you would be partnered with us as principals in transactions. Virtual Assistants could be ghostwriting for you. Our VA's and property scouts could work for you. In fact, we encourage this kind of networking. This is "Dr. I's Partnership Network". Duties would include responding to "warm lead" landlords and sellers, "cold calling" them, contracting of properties, visiting properties for marketing purposes, showing them to prospective buyers or tenant-buyers and closing deals.

Radiant New Horizon Homes LLC/Exit New England Realty Advisors

(space)Exit New England Realty Advisors

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Real Estate Salesperson/Realtor - Become an agent for Radiant New Horizon Homes LLC/Exit New England Realty Advisors. Duties may include marketing and lead generation services and the work is similar to that of a Joint Venture Partner except that instead of being principal in transactions, others are represented in exchange for commission upon closing of transaction (possibly other client representation fees independent of transaction closings). As such, a real estate salesperson license is required, also Errors & Omissions (E & O) insurance. Also, we require our agents to be Realtors. Not all real estate agents are Realtors. Realtors are real estate agents bound by an additional code of ethics. We require that.

Office/Sales Manager - We are also looking for managers. We currently have 1 office available in Rocky Hill. More locations to follow. Management duties include management of agents for that office. Experience required. Real estate salesperson or brokers license required.

For any questions regarding employment, CONTACT US. To apply for any of the positions above, go to link below.