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If you would like to sell or rent your property (residential, commercial and/or vacant land) or if you would like property management services, we can help you. With our brokerage, Radiant New Horizon Homes, we can represent you in the sales and/or rentals of your properties and with our marketing services, get them rented and/or sold (commission due at closing of transactions).

As an investment network (DR Investprop, Inc., AR Property Services and/or partners), we can also do the following (see below) as principals in the transaction (no commission). In some instances, Radiant New Horizon Homes brokerage services could also be involved in these transactions.

  • Buy - If the numbers are right, we could buy your property. Fast closing.
  • Option - We could buy an option to purchase your property. We pay you a premium for the purchase option. If the option is exercised, you also get the sale proceeds. Get paid twice !
  • Lease - We could master lease your property. We would pay rent for all units and then sublet the property. We would be the master tenant. All other tenants would be sub-tenants. Regardless if property vacant or occupied, you would get your rent on time every month. We would handle all routine maintenance. We would be the perfect tenant !
  • Lease Purchase - We could master lease your property (as described above) and buy an option to purchase your property (see above). You would get rent paid on time every month, the premium for the purchase option and if option exercised, the sale proceeds. Get paid 3 ways (up front, monthly and at closing) !
  • Manage - We could manage the rental(s) of your property (for a fee, not commission) including routine maintenance
  • Cooperative Assignment Lease Purchase - We could buy an option to purchase your property with subletting and assignment rights. We then sell our interest in the purchase option and assign the sub-lease to you.

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