If you are a real estate investor (or wish to become one), we want to know you. We could represent you in the purchase, sale and/or rental of properties. Experiences or new to real estate, either way, we could work with you. You could work for us as agent or with us as a joint venture partner and we could provide you with training and educational resources so you could do such activities better.

We also "wholesale" properties. This is where properties are bought and sold on the same day in 2 closings (a double or simultaneous closing). In a double closing, there is the "front end" (also known as the 'A-B' closing) and the "back end" (also known as the 'B-C' closing). On the front end, we (Party B) purchase the property from 'Party A-Seller' and on the back end, we sell the property to 'Party C-Buyer'. The type of double closing we do is known as a "wet" double closing. This is where the front end closing uses funds provided by Party B (or lender). A "dry" double closing is where the front end closing uses Party C-Buyer funds. Dry double closings are generally "frowned upon" and we do NOT do or recommend doing dry double closings. As both closings in a double closing are done on the same day, the back end closing must not involve any 'title seasoning'. Title seasoning is a requirement of many lenders that says seller must have owned property for at least 90 days before selling. However, cash purchases and some 'private money' lenders do not require title seasoning. We also assign contracts, typically leases and options to purchase.

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This page covers opportunities in real estate and real estate investment with us as clients of or as agents for Radiant New Horizon Homes LLC/Exit New England Realty Associates and/or as joint venture partners with DR Investment Properties.


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If you are a private lender or wish to start as one, we want to know about you.


These pages cover financing options for investors, including Conventional, Hard Money and Private Money lenders.

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