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Private money and private lenders. This page provides resources to locate private lenders and to learn about private money loans, including information on how to become a private lender. If you are or want to become a private lender, please fill out and submit our Lender's List form or CONTACT US.

Below is the list of resources for private lenders and how private lending works...


What is the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) ?

It is an organization of private lenders bound by a strict code of ethics. This is important as there are some private lenders with questionable credibility. With all AAPL members, you can be assured that their lending practices are trustworthy and fair. They also provide information on how to become a member.


What is the PMLG (Private Money Lending Guide) ?

It is a nationwide private lender location source. Find the private lender that works the best for you !


What is the Private Money Goldmine ?

A private lender referral service specializing in finding those "needles in haystacks" all across the country (including CT). Their service is not free ($97 up front + $29/month) but they have a money back guarantee if unable to borrow from any of the lenders that they provide.

For further information on private lenders,